zimoun, lerraum - pic by aoki takamasa

diapason gallery, nyc

leervoll (fully empty): leerraum’s space for listening
curated by richard garet and andy graydon, 2009
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this exhibition focuses on the label leerraum [ ] as a platform for multi-channel sound releases concerned with ideas of sound in relation to space, silence, structure, and an active process of listening. leervoll focuses on sonic constructions that explore the possibilities of environment and spatial listening, while also, drawing attention to structure, composition, and material interests. additional information about leerraum [ ] and its artists may be found at: http://www.leerraum.ch

artists: asher thal-nir, fourm, richard garet, andy graydon, marihiko hara, kenneth kirschner, pe lang, mahmoud refat, zimoun

exhibition dates:

saturdays, may 2, 9, 16, 23
2 - 8PM, Free


may 2: richard garet and pe lang
may 9: kenneth kirschner and fourm
may 16: asher thal-nir and mahmoud refat, pe lang + zimoun
may 23: andy graydon and marihiko hara


saturday, may 2, 4PM
saturday, may 23, 6PM

live performance:

saturday, may 23, 8:30pm - $7 suggested donation
artists: richard garet, andy graydon, kenneth kirschner, asher thal-nir

artists and works in the exhibition:

instability (4.0)
total time: 146:36

dust (4.1)
total time: 49:45

richard garet
winter (4.0)
total time: 47.20

andy graydon
chora for I (4.1)
total time: 27.02

marihiko hara
unrhymed (4.1)
total time: 17:20

kenneth kirschner
september 8, 2005 (4.1)
total time: 23:56

pe lang
optionen (4.0)
total time: 28.50

mahmoud refat, pe lang + zimoun
statics III (4.0)
total time: 35.46