bruce mcclure, 2008

lmakseries is the latest development in the gallery’s continued commitment to time-based works and performance practices. events will include installation-performances, music and sound art compositions, film and video screenings, and hybrid events that challenge ...traditional modes of exhibition. this new series furthers lmakproject’s aim to integrate film, video, sound art, and media performance into the gallery’s mission and its vision of the contemporary landscape.

one particular interest of the series is in exploring the ongoing inter-relationships between digital media, film, and music, whose practices may incorporate improvisation, computer processing, live interaction, narrative, sculptural and spatial aspects in ways that open our conception of both art practice and reception.

lmakseries will represent a breadth of approaches and projects over time. each individual event, however, will be focused on the specificity and singularity of each artist’s work, and on creating an engagement with the work that reaches beyond the broad thematic treatments of group exhibitions and festivals.

lmakseries is curated by louky keijsers, richard garet and in consultation with berlin based andy graydon.

contact Info:
139 eldridge street, new york, ny


june 20, 2011
ephraim asili, david baker, bradley eros, lorenzo gattorna, marie losier, f.p. boué, jenny perlin, and fern silva.

may 10, 2011
alex carpenter, byron westbrook, philip white

march 29, 2011
jeremy d. slater, alfredo marin + doron sadja (alfi and waldi), samara lubelski with marcia bassett

february 14, 2011
blake carrington, nick hallett with brock monroe

january 3rd, 2011
adam kendall, draw (michael schumacher with nisi jacobs), fyxzis (steven flato, corey larking, richard kamerman).

november 8, 2010 (in collaboration with marian spore
marina rosenfeld with christof kurzmann, lucky dragons

october 18, 2010
untitled (plate tectonics), performance-installation by andy graydon:
featuring performances by nathan carter, nils karsten, joyce kim, mostra (gabriela monroy with caspar stracke), tmm mulligan

may 10, 2010
jessica feldman, richard lainhart, michael waller

march 29, 2010
nicediscs (jeff pash with nick phillips)

february 15, 2010
ian m. fraser and jesse kudler, bonnie jones with suzanne thorpe, gill arno

january 4, 2010
kyle bobby dunn, nancy garcia

december 7, 2009
david linton, kamran sadeghi, katherine liberovskaya with phill niblock

october 19, 2009
mv carbon, seth cluett

september 7, 2009
audrey chen, maria chavez, aki onda

february 11, 2008
bruce mcclure, “nethergate”

January 7, 2008
kabir carter, soft errs

december 17, 2007
zimoun, statics III