seth nehil and brendan murray, 2005
  nisus series  

nisus was a series curated by richard garet that took place during 2004 and 2005 with a focus on offering audiences an alternative venue devoted to sound and video art. the main objective was to present live performances by emerging as well as long-established artists working on pushing the boundaries of communication through exploring and experimenting with sound and video thereby presenting a new field of creative actions that aimed to contribute to the shaping of our culture.

nisus-galeria galou, 237 kent ave
williamsburg, brooklyn, ny 11211


june 12, 2004
richard garet, kenneth kirschner, brendan murray, gil sanson

october 24, 2004.
tatsuya nakatani with howard stelzer, richard garet with brendan murray, carlos giffoni with donna parker

november 19, 2004
kenneth kirschner, sawako kato

december 11, 2004
david gross with gil sanson and with peter eudenbach, nicedisc (jeff pash with nick phillips)

february 25, 2005
eric bollman with enrique sacasa, andy graydon with ben owen

march 4, 2005
luxury estates, backbreakerneckbrace, scott smallwood, evol

march 8, 2005
"wife, life, tripe, dam-nit and that"
djalma primordial science (jeff gburek with ephia)

april 29, 2005
seth cluett, sillage (brendan murray with seth nehil), michael j. schumacher

may 5, 2005
at the lehman college art gallery – transitional objects
gil sanson with mpld (gill arno) and subcarrier (andy graydon with giles hendrix)

may 26, 2005
little strings (gil sanson with gill arno), daniel iglesia with jeremy slater, richard garet with andre goncalves

june 30, 2005
ea - gill arno with richard garet, andy graydon, ben owen, and with gil sanson

september 27, 2005
cyclopean waste (cornucopia with hive mind and with luasa raelon), skeletons out, the swinging chandeliers, tom grimley